New Distributor: Axiomedia (Italy)

Now TinySine has a new distributor in Italy: Axiomedia, an audio equipment retailer located in Milano. They are initially carrying full catalogs of our Audio series products.

Axiomedia is an Italian Company in Audio market. People that work for Axiomedia have more than 30 years’ experience in audio market and audio design. Axiomedia started with distribution of speakers in Home HiFi market and now is the exclusive distributor in Italy for following speaker brands:
  • Scan Speak
  • Seas
  • Audax
  • Morel
  • SB Acoustics
  • Tang Band
  • Fountek
  • WBT
  • Mundorf
  • Jantzen Audio
  • ClarityCap
Axiomedia has a good experience also in audio accessories and audio components. Actually, Axiomedia is the exclusive distributor in Italy for WBT connectors (from Germany) and Jantzen Audio crossover components.Recently Axiomedia extended the catalogue to electronic audio equipment with exclusive distribution of Luxus Audio and Sure Electronics brands. Axiomedia is also in Car HiFi for more than 6 years with distribution in Italy of XPL’s products and wants extend catalogue with a very good partner in Europe. Axiomedia has a network of dealers and agents in Italy able to cover the most important area. We can also design any audio system for our OEM customers thanks to our AXIOLAB team inside Axiomedia.
Please let them know if there is a TinySine part that you would like to see in their shop, wherever you are located.


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