AudioB Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Module - TSA6179

AudioB Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Module - TSA6179
AudioB Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Module - TSA6179 AudioB Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Module - TSA6179
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TSA6179 is a Bluetooth 5.0 stereo audio module, based on QCC3031. We breakout pins to 2x10 2mm space male pins. You can integrate it to your project easily. This module has a micro USB port, which means you can change the firmware by yourself, two buttons on the module can configured to different functions as you need.



Single-ended signal output


Single-ended signal output with headphone/small speakers


Differential signal output


TSA6179 provides 2 firmwares to choose: TWS mode and Party mode (Multipoint), you can also update the firmware via micro USB port.

  • TWS mode : module works as a Bluetooth stereo audio receiver, and you can plug it our most amplifiers.
  • Party mode(Multipoint): you can have multiple modules paired and work together. This makes it possible to build a wireless surround sound system.


How to Use:

  1. Power up the module and wait 1 second, module into Pairing mode, Blue LED and Red LED flash alternately. (Voice: Pairing)
  2. Now, Your smartphone will be able to find a new Bluetooth device which name is "TSA6179". Connect it.
  3. You can play the music now. If you only use one module as a normal receiver. You don't need do the following steps.


TWS connection

Master module:

  1. Long press S1, set the master module into TWS master mode.

Slave module:

  1. Power up the salve module, long press S2 to set module into TWS slave mode.
  2. The master module will auto searching(30s) slave module. Both master and slave module will be connected.
  3. Master module and slave module will have music out now.


Multipoint connection(Party mode)

Master module:

  1. Click S2 button, change the master module to transmitter mode (Voice: broadcast mode, LED: Red LED on).
Slave module:
  1. Power up the slave module. Blue LED slow blink.
  2. Make sure master board already working correct and in transmitter mode. Click S2 button to switch slave module to receiver mode (Voice: broadcast audio enable, LED: Green LED on).
  3. Double click S2 button on the Master module, then double click S2 button on the slave module. The master board will auto searching (30s) slave board. Both master and slave module will be connected.
  4. The slave module will have music out now.
  5. If there have new board want join as slave module, just click S2 to switch new module to receiver mode then double click S2 on the Master module.
  6. If a slave board want quit. Click S2 to switch that module to transmitter mode or normal mode.



  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multipoint connection
  • Qualcomm cVc audio technology
  • Qualcomm TrueWireless Technology
  • Stereo receive
  • Effective transmission distance: 10-15m



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