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TEMT6000 Light Sensor Module
Description:  At some point you are going to want to sense ambient brightness with better pr..
TOSduino Due programmer
This module is used to program TOSduino Pro board through the External Programming Port: Driv..
Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361
Description The MMA7361 from Freescale is a very nice sensor with easy analog interface. ..
Triple Axis Magnetometer HMC5883L
Description: This is a breakout board for Honeywell's HMC5883L, a 3-axis digital compass. Communi..
Triple-Axis Digital-Output Gyro ITG-3200/3205
Description: This is a breakout board for InvenSense's ITG-3205, a groundbreaking triple-axis, di..
$16.00 $8.00
USBtinyISP V2 AVR ISP Programmer
  Officially supported by Arduino IDE, we can burn Arduino bootloader onto chips, a..
Waterproof Digital Thermal Probe Or Sensor DS18B20 (Length:1M)
Description: 1.Brand New High Quality 2.The probe the temperature sensor DS18B20 original c..
Wide Detecting Scope Gas Sensor - MQ-2  Module
Introduction The gas sensor are suitable for detecting of LPG, i-butane, propane, methane ,al..
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