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DC12V/24V - 5V Converter
This a DC12V/24V to 5V comverter module. Potting in a Aluminum case,waterproof. very suit fo..
DS3231 RTC Module
This is a real time clock module based on DS3231, it has small size, low-cost and extremely high ..
2 x 50W Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board - TSA3117
TSA3117 are designed for factory or DIY user. Bluetooth/LINE IN select switch and audio input por..
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2 x 20W Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board - TSA9840B (TWS/Apt-X)
TSA9840B 2x20W audio amplifier board with a new AudioB plus Bluetooth module that supports A..
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TSA6177 - Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Receiver SPDIF TOSLINK Output (Apt-X)
This SPDIF Optical out  - TOSLINK output Bluetooth Music Receiver connects to the SPDIF inpu..
4 x 50W SPDIF Coaxial+DSP Amplifier Board - TSA7804C
TSA7804C 4 x 50W 4 channels SPDIF+DSP digital amplifier board with a SPDIFBee receiver module. SP..
Triple Axis Accelerometer ADXL335
Description: Breakout board for the 3 axis ADXL335 from Analog Devices. This is the latest in a l..
Raspberry Pi Model B Grand Starter Kit
A Grand Starter Kit from Tinysine, which includes everything you need to go into exciting world o..
JST XH Jumper 3 Wire Assembly -2.54mm
Description: This is a simple 3 wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board or just about a..
SmartPhone Controlled Switch - LazyBone V5 (Bluetooth)
  Compared to the previous Lazybone V4, the v5 version has wider DC input voltage r..
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2 x 50 Watt Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier - TSA3610
This is a 2x50W audio amplifier which integrated Bluetooth 4.0. It has perfect class-D archi..
4 x 50W Bluetooth+DSP Amplifier Board - TSA7804B(Apt-X)
TSA7804B 4x50W 4 channels Bluetooth+DSP amplifier board with an AudioB I2S Bluetooth module that ..
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Screw Shield With Headers For Arduino R3
Features :  This the newest ScrewShield for Arduino R3. It's extends all pins of the..
2 x 8 Watt Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board - TSA3110A V2
  This is a 2x8W audio amplifier board with AudioB plus Bluetooth module. It has pe..
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AudioB Plus Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module(Apt-X)
If you want build a simple Bluetooth amplifier board. AudioB plus Bluetooth audio receiver is a g..
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