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TSA6017 - Bluetooth Audio Receiver with Microphone Input (Phone call)
This is a Bluetooth audio receiver with phone call function. There have two 3.5mm audio jacks and..
4 x 100W Bluetooth 5.1 Multipoint + DSP Audio Amplifier Board - TSA8804 V2
TSA8804 is a 4x100W Stereo Bluetooth 5 multipoint audio amplifier board. It has perfect class-D a..
Arduino GSM/GPRS Shield
  SIM900 module are discontinued now. Please change to use our SIM800F GSM shield. ..
Based on 95 reviews.
Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board - RCA
This Bluetooth Music Receiver connects to the RCA input on your home audio system. You can then s..
3G/GPRS/GSM Shield for Arduino with GPS - European version SIM5320E
  The Tinysine 3G Cellular Shield provides you a way to use the 3G/GSM cell phone n..
Based on 6 reviews.
2 x 8 Watt Bluetooth Stereo Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2110B (TWS/Apt-X)
This is a 2x8W audio amplifier board with Bluetooth 5.0 integrated. It has perfect class-D archit..
TSA6175 - Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Receiver
TSA6175 is a Bluetooth 5 multipoint audio receiver. You can have many TSA6175 paired and work tog..
Based on 10 reviews.
2 x 160W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2600
TSA2600 is a 2x160W Stereo Bluetooth 5 multipoint audio amplifier board. It has perfect class-D a..
Interface Cable SMA to U.FL
This is a 4" connector cable that interfaces U.FL RF connectors to regular SMA connectors. Di..
Molex Jumper 2 Wire Double Connectors Assembly  -1.25mm
Description: This is a simple two wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board or just about..
TSA1020 Digital Audio Volume Controller - RCA
TSA1020 is a digital stereo Bluetooth/Single-ended audio volume controller board. It has RCA audi..
Based on 1 reviews.
Micro Metal Gearmotor HP 6V with Extended Motor Shaft 1.6A - 150:1
This gearmotor is a miniature high-power, 6 V brushed DC motor with a 150:1 metal gearbox. It has..
AudioB Pro Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module
If you want build a simple Bluetooth amplifier board. AudioB Pro Bluetooth audio receiver is a go..
SPDIFBee SPDIF to I2S Digital Audio Receiver Module
This SPDIFBee module can convert SPDIF audio singal to I2S output. It has a coaxial input connect..
LED Constant Current Driver Module
The TinySine LED constant current driver is an economical and easy to use driver that will allow ..
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