CC2430/2530 Debugger

CC2430/2530 Debugger
CC2430/2530 Debugger
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CC2430/CC2530 debugger is a effective tools for ZigBee developers development. it is powerful, MCS-51 integrated development environment for IAR seamless connection, easy to use, easy to learn,

It connect to the computer through the USB interface one side, and then connected to a ZigBee  CC2430/CC2530 other side.the main function include like code high-speed downloads, online debugging, breakpoints, single-step, variable observed, register observation, to achieve real-time online CC2430/CC2530 series wireless microcontroller simulation, debugging.

The debugger kit include an USB cable.

Main features:

1. This debugger connect IAR EW-8051 development environment seamlessly;

2 Fast download speed up to 150 kb / s;

3.Easy to use, power supply by USB interface, supports plug-and-play;

4 The 10 pins universal connector.

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