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Portable Fish Finder
Portable Fish Finder Portable Fish Finder Portable Fish Finder
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This product was designed for those who enjoy fishing very much. There are many suitable places to use this unit, including river, lake and sea. It can help you to locate the fish and find out the depth of water. Meanwhile, it will also bring so much fun to your fishing.

Introduction to sonar theory:

Sonar technology is based on sound waves. The system uses sonar to locate and define structure, contour of the bottom and composition, as well as the depth directly below the transducer. The transducer sends a sound wave signal and determines distance by measuring transmission time between the transducer and the detected object, then uses the reflected signal to interpret location, size, and composition of the object.


Fishing on the boat:

  1. Toss the sensor and float into the water.
  2. Using the mounting tabs to attach the adapter to the boat hull.
  3. Shoot through the hull of the boat. Place the sonar sensor with petroleum jelly and then press it against the bottom of the hull with a twisting motion.

Fishing on the ice:

  1. If you want to fish on ice, it’s highly suggested to first cut a hole through the ice so as to place the sonar sensor in the water directly.
  2. If you’d like to check the depth of this area before you cutting a hole, you need to first clear away the snow. Make sure that the exposed ice surface is smooth.
  3. Place a small amount of liquid water on the surface then try to make the sonar sensor freeze to the ice.


Note: if there is any bubble between the sonar sensor and the ice, or the water below the ice, the unit will not work properly. You are required to try another spot or you need to cut a hole before you start.


Product Specification:



Display :


Backlighting :

Green LED

Power :

4-AAA alkaline batteries

Measure unit:


Sensor beam angle:

45 degrees

Depth range Max:

100M/328 Feet

Depth range Min:


Operational temperature:



Hi, fish, now I know where you are

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