Beginner Kit For Arduino

Beginner Kit For Arduino
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This beginner kit is just designed for newbie in Arduino. It gives you a basic introduction to the Arduino world. Starts from basic LED control to more advanced IR remote control. You can enjoy lots of fun from it. 

What is included?

    1x Tosduino Duemilnove 328
    1x Prototyping Shield
    1x USB Cable
    1x Mini breadbord
    20x M/M Jumper wires
    1x 6xAA Battery holder  with power jack
    2x Red LED 5mm
    2x Green LED 5mm
    2x Yellow LED 5mm
    1x Buzzer
    1x Ambient Light sensor
    1x Infrared Receiver
    1x LM35 Temperature Sensor
    1x IR Remote Control
    1x 7-Segment Red LED
    1x Tilt switch sensor
    4x Mini Pushbutton switcher
    10x Resistor 220R
    10x Resistor 1K
    10x Resistor 10K
    1x High quality plastic Box




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