Arduino MEGA2560 Advanced kit

Arduino MEGA2560 Advanced kit
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Product Description

Advanced kit with Arduino MEGA2560 is coming!  It now includes the new Arduino MEGA2560, the 1602 LCD module,DC Motor, Servos and all the sensors and so on. The  Kit  is a magic box  to get the very beginner started with programmable electronics. It include subject you need to build 11 basic circuits, no soldering required! We've offered a perfect guide manual (in CD) to get you started. The guide provided you 11 arduino experiments. We expect this kit can give you a wonderful arduino experience! -----Tinyos Electronics inventors

Kit includes:

  • Arduino MEGA2560 x1
  • Prototype Shield x1
  • Breadboard-mini x1
  • 10K ohm Resistor x10
  • 1K ohm Resistor x10
  • 220 ohm Resistor x10
  • Transistor 8050 x1
  • Diode IN4148 x1
  • 40Pin Header x1
  • Jumper wire x 20
  • LED-Red/Green/Yellow x2
  • Buzzer x1
  • Pushbutton x4
  • Segment LED x1
  • Protoresistor x1
  • Infrared Receiver x1
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor x1
  • Flex Sensor x1
  • DC Motor x1
  • Mini Servo x1
  • Mini Infrared Remote Control x1
  • Battery Box x1
  • 1602 LCD module x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • 1x High Quality Plastic Box
  • 1x Guide CD

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