Robotic Arm -2DOF with 2 Servos

Robotic Arm -2DOF with 2 Servos
Robotic Arm -2DOF with 2 Servos
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Robotic claw is the most wildly used automatic mechanical device in robotic area. It has been used in various fields like commercial manufacture, medical, military and space exploration. Having seen it before in movies and TV series, we all want to have our own robotic claw. However, due to its high price and pertinences, most fans can merely appreciate it without really owning one. Now, you have no need to worry about that, this product can help to realize your dream. This robotic claw is made out of aluminum alloy. With 2 steering engine, it can achieve good control of 2 degree of freedom. This product, even though, can not fulfill complicated tasks, with an Arduino development platform, you can control it to accomplish object clamping and placing or some other cool movements. If you think current function is not satisfactory, you can control it to fulfill more difficult tasks after refitting it.

Technical parameter:

Total weight: 230g

Claw weight: about 68g

Claw Material: aluminum alloy

Operating voltage: 4.8-6V

Largest Aperture angle: 55mm (can be enlarged by installing expansion board)


Width: 98mm (open)

Actuator module: Towerpro MG995


Aluminum alloy,light in weigh and fastness

Using two MG995 steering engines which are 180 degree universal large torque metal gear to control.

(Note: This assembled product can be used immediately when you get it. No additional screw.)


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