50 Channel GS407 Helical GPS Receiver

50 Channel GS407 Helical GPS Receiver
50 Channel GS407 Helical GPS Receiver
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Description: Combine the u-Blox chipset with Sarantel's powerful SL1206 helical antenna and you get the impressively sensitive GS407. Whether this receiver is in your pocket or under your car seat, you are likely to pickup a rock solid GPS signal.

Note: The GS406 has been replaced with this GPS module. The specifications are almost all identical, but the GS407 makes use of a newer helical antenna, which makes the overall length a bit smaller.

Breakout board available below.


  • u-Blox 5H chipset
  • Sarantel omni-directional Geo-helix SL1206 active antenna
  • 2Hz Update rate
  • Fifty satellite tracking channels for fast acquisition
  • Supports UBX data protocol at various standard baud rates
  • Filtering effect of the antenna gives high immunity to RF interference
  • Wide antenna Beam width
  • Low power: 3.3V @ 75mA
  • Time to fix:
    • Hot start: <1 second
    • Warm start: 29
    • Cold start: 29


  • Length (with antenna) 47.1mm
  • Width: 22.9mm
  • Weight: 16g



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