XBee PRO Kit

XBee PRO Kit
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Description:  XBee-PRO 900HP embedded modules provide best-in-class range wireless connectivity to devices. They take advantage of the DigiMesh networking protocol, featuring dense network operation and support for sleeping routers, and are also available in a proprietary point-to-multipoint configuration. Supporting RF line-of-sight ranges up to 28 miles (with high-gain antennas), and data rates of up to 200 Kbps, these modules are ideal for extended-range applications requiring increased data throughput.

The XBee-PRO 900HP requires no programming and can be configured easily using Digi’s free X-CTU software or via a simplified AT command set. XBee modules are pre-certified for use in multiple countries, further reducing development costs and time to market.

XBee modules are easy to use, share a common hardware footprint and are 

Digi Part #: XBP9B-DMST-002


  • Superior outdoor LOS range of up to 28 miles
  • Simplified AT command set or advanced XBee API accelerates time to market
  • Over-the-air firmware updates via other XBee-PRO 900HP modules or iDigi Device Cloud
  • Software-selectable channel mask for interference immunity
  • Advanced sleep modes include sleeping routers, pin sleep, cyclic sleep
  • User manual
  • X-CTU Software

Kit include:

  • 2 * xbee pro 900HP RPSMA xbee module
  • 1 * xbee adapter with USB cable
  • 1 * xbee explorer regulated
  • 2 * 900M antenna

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