APC810 Wireless Communication Module Kit -5km

APC810 Wireless Communication Module Kit -5km
APC810 Wireless Communication Module Kit -5km
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APC810 is a ultra long range transceiver module based on RFIC SX1278 from SEMTECH, it works on 433MHz and 470MHz. With the high efficient looped interleaving EDAC (Error Detection and correction) coding, APC810 keeps in advance in error correction and coding efficiency. Because of its high reliability in correction, APC810 can filter error and fake information automatically and realize truly transparent wireless link, which makes it very suitable in the rigid communication environment.

APC810 provides standard UART/TTL interface, users can choose six data rates and three parity checks which make APC810 possibly tailor-made for different applications.


  • 5200m distance cover(4.56Kbps)
  • Frequency on 433MHz, 470MHz
  • Maximum 500mW output power
  • -132dBm sensitivity @0.81Kbps
  • High efficiency forward error correction with interleaving encoding
  • LoRa modulation/demodulation
  • UART/TTL interface
  • 256Bytes data buffer
  • Supply voltage 4.7~8V
  • Power consumption:RX current: 15mA, TX current: 400mA
  • Built-in watchdog
  • Size 50x31.9x7.0mm

  • Battery powered equipment
  • Ultra long range monitor and control
  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Wireless data communication
  • Security and alarm system
  • Home and building automation
Package include:
  • 2 x APC810 Module
  • 2 x straight head / elbow antenna
  • USB-TTL Dongle


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