Soldering Iron - 35W (220VAC)

Soldering Iron - 35W  (220VAC)
Soldering Iron - 35W  (220VAC)
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This is a very simple fixed temp, quick heating, 35W 220VAC soldering iron. We really enjoy using the more expensive irons, but if you really need a cheap iron for your tool box, this lovely iron is a good choice. This is a low-cost iron and it works!

The iron is attached to a six foot cable which is terminated with a standard plug. A model B pointed tip is included. The soldering tip and the heating element are replaceable; see related items below for compatible replacements.


Brand: Facility

Model: 907

Operating voltage: 220VAC

Power: 35W


Its unique structure combines with plastic handle which is lack of thermal conduction gives it a pleasant hand feeling.

This product has a long-lived unleaded wielding nozzle which is especially suitable for unleaded wielding technology. Thus, it’s perfect for continuous wielding on the production line.

It adopts the international standard 900M solder tip with removable tip design, making it compatible with several dozens of market solder tips and easy for users to replace according to their personal needs.

Easy to change heating element

Small in size, light in weight, easy to operate with


Always keep the welding tip tin-coated.

Do not use scaling powder of high acidity.

Do not beat the welding tip with file or hammer.

Do not dismantle internal heater elements when the electric iron is energized.


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