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XBee 1mW Wire Antenna
This is the very popular 2.4GHz XBee module from Digi. These modules take the 802.15.4 stack (the..
Flexiforce Pressure Sensor - 100lbs
Description: This is a piezoresistive force sensor. The harder you press, the lower the sensor's ..
FSR406 Force Sensitive Resistor - Square
Description: This is a force sensitive resistor with a square, 1.75x1.5", sensing area. This FSR ..
APC220 Radio Communication Module Kit
Introduction The APC220 radio module provides a simple and economic solution to wireless data..
Wide Detecting Scope Gas Sensor - MQ-2
Description: This is a simple-to-use  wide detecting scope gas sensor, They are used in gas ..
Hydrogen Gas Sensor - MQ-8  Module
Introduction The gas sensor are suitable for detecting hydrogen concentrations in the air.It ..
Flexiforce Pressure Sensor - 25lbs
Description: This is a piezoresistive force sensor. The harder you press, the lower the sensor's ..
RFID Glass Capsule (125kHz)
Description: This is a glass, cylindrical RFID tag; it's very similar to those implanted into pet..
DIP Switch - 2 Position
Description: DIP switch with 2 individual switch positions. The pins have .1" spacing - fits..
USB To 25 Pin DB25  Parallel Port Cable
Introduction The USB 2.0 to Parallel Cable provides a simple and easy to connect betwee..
Screw Terminals 3.5mm Pitch (2-Pin)
Description: Screw Terminals with 3.5mm pitch pins. Comes in 2 or 3 positions and have the really..
Box for the Raspberry Pi(Red) - Injection molding
It is Raspberry Pi box, it is beautiful red! Which is made by injection molding plastic..
4WD Aluminum Mobile Robot Car Platform
Description: The Arduino 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform can hold many controllesr, driver..
Soldering Kit
Description: We push this kit to save precious shopping time of our clients and provide them..
Mean Well Switching Power Supply - 24V 14.6A 350W
Features: Input: 90~132V AC/ 180~260V AC by switch; 254-370VDC Out: 24V,0-14.6A ..
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