Bluetooth Audio Amplifier (Apt-X)

Apt-X Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Features:

  • PC/Android/iOS multi system supported.
  • Bluetooth4.2
  • 10-30m. Wireless Range
  • Ultra low noise output
  • Bluetooth module replaceable
  • Bluetooth module programmable
  • BVC port (Bluetooth audio volume control)
  • Smart cooling system

Apt-X bluetooth audio enhances the wireless sound quality of many of the world’s finest smartphones, speakers, soundbars, headphones and tablets. With aptX, music lovers can enjoy wired quality sound - wirelessly. Tinysine aptX Bluetooth amplifier boards let you create wireless sound and music in places you never thought possible at a fraction of the cost of traditional speaker set-ups by incorporating a Bluetooth compatible chip into the amplifier board. TinySine aptX Bluetooth Amplifier series with very good audio quality. Ultra low noise output. And the bluetooth module on the board are programmable.

Selecting a aptX Bluetooth Audio Amplifier
How many watts output do you need? How many channels do you need? Here you will find all the Bluetooth audio amplifier boards that are available. Different board has different features.  Choose how many watts you require and select a board by what interface you need. aptX Bluetooth amplifier are available with up to 4 channels.


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4 x 50W Bluetooth+DSP Amplifier Board - TSA7804B(Apt-X)
TSA7804B 4x50W 4 channels Bluetooth+DSP amplifier board with an AudioB I2S Bluetooth module that ..
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