Bluetooth Relays

Bluetooth Relay Features:

  • PC/Android/iOS multi system supported.
  • USB/Bluetooth 2 in 1.
  • 15-30m. Wireless Range
  • Mounts as a Virtual COM Port on PC/Laptop
  • Wireless module replaceable.
  • Free SmartPhone APP

All these bluetooth relay boards have a Bluetooth/BLE Bluetooth Bee module on it. And so you will able to send commands through the wireless Bluetooth interface of your computer, smart phone or tablet to the board. All commands will forwarding to the onboard MCU by the Bluetooth Bee module. Once the command has been received, the controller processes the command and the relay activates. We also provide free program and APP to control these relay boards.

Selecting a Bluetooth Relay
How many relays do you need?  Here you will find all the Bluetooth Relay boards that are available.  Different board has different features.  Choose how many relays you require and select a board by how many amps you are switching.  Bluetooth Relays are available with up to 12 relays.

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TSTR04 - 4 Channel Outputs 4 Temperature Sensors Bluetooth Smartphone Relay (Thermostats)
Description: This is a TSTR04 Bluetooth relay board which has an OLED display and 4 temperat..
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