Auto disconnection procedure for QCC3008

The Bluetooth audio amplifier/receiver default settings is auto reconnect with the recently paired devices. And the default bluetooth link loss settings may have problem in public area. This tutorial will teach you how to do it(for QCC3008 chip).
Date added 29/01/2023
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How to disable the TSA6175, TSA2300, tsa2400 audio tones

Delete the audio tones in the ADK configuration tool software.
Date added 29/01/2023
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Change Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Name via USB port

The latest qualcomm bluetooth chips support USB programming. This is a tutorial to teach you how to change the audio amplifier board bluetooth name via USB.
Date added 03/10/2022
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How to Turn on the QCC3005/QCC3008 Bluetooth Pin Code (Password)

A tutorial about how to enable the QCC3005/QCC3008 Bluetooth Pin Code (Password)
Date added 27/02/2022
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QCC300x series Bluetooth chip configuration tutorial

The old bluetooth chip CSR64215 are discontinued. Now, we have upgraded our APTX series amplifier to the newest Bluetooth 5.0 chip QCC3008. The chip configuration procedure have some difference compare to the CSR64215. This is a tutorial of how to configu
Date added 04/07/2021
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How to pair the remote with TSA1200

TSA1200 has a paired remote control, but if the remote control is broken or you want to use your own remote control, this tutorial will teach you how to pair.
Date added 02/04/2020
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How to set up the new WIFIBee ESP8266 module

Tinysine WiFiBee ESP8266 is a new WIFI module which based on ESP8266, it’s more reliable and easy to use and cost also lower, This is tutorial of how to configure it.
Date added 27/02/2020
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How to disable the Bluetooth amplifier multiple connection

Tinysine Bluetooth audio amplifier boards can be connected by 2 smartphones at one time. Here is the procedure of how to disable this function.
Date added 06/11/2019
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How to Change the Bluetooth 5.0 EQ Settings

There have a built-in equalizer in Tinysine Bluetooth 5.0 multipoint audio module. This tutorial will teach you how to set it.
Date added 15/10/2019
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SkyWeather - A Raspberry Pi Weather Project for the Cloud

This Kickstarter is a perfect technology project to learn all about the weather and how to sense the environment around you. Including Air Quality and Lightning. Right here. Right in your neighborhood.
Date added 18/04/2019
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