Chinese New Year

As the Chinese New Year holiday, we will continue accept orders but stop order processing between January 28 - February 6. All orders will be sent out after February 6. Best Wishs&Happy Chinese New Year!
Date added 25/01/2014
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SMA Antenna Connectors Tutorial

This tutorial attempts to explain the confusing naming conventions for SMA connectors. If you would rather not understand why the convention is the way it is, you can just look at the 4 pictures and move on. Otherwise, have fun with the read!
Date added 07/01/2014
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How To Control Your WiFi LazyBone via Internet

If you have a WiFi LazyBone in hand. Now you can control it via the internet. We released new version APP which support WIFI or 3G internet control.
Date added 05/01/2014
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Tinysine Motorair - as the heart of a Robot Car

Motorair has a wireless extension port,which can plug in XBEE or Bluetooth Bee or WiFiBee module, that mean you can control DC motors via Bluetooth or WiFi from Android Phone!
Date added 20/12/2013
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Lazybone New APP Released

The new APP of Lazybone smartphone switch - Lazybone-WiFi V2 released today. The most key features is it's support wireless configuration. In the past, we need to manually enter commands to configure your Lazybone-WIFI which is a little bit inconvenient.
Date added 17/10/2013
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New Products Released on Ada Lovelace Day!

Today, we bring you 2 new products! TOSR0x-T USB/Wireless Relay have 2/8 Channel version now!
Date added 16/10/2013
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National Day

As the National Day holiday, we will stop order processing between September 30-October 2. But you can still place orders during these time, and all the orders will be sent out after October 2. Sorry for your inconvenience.
Date added 29/09/2013
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New Logo of Tinyos(Tinysine) Electronics

Tinyos(Tinysine) Electronics will use new logo in the near future. The old logo 'Tinyos' will be retained for some time. We plan to increasingly replace the old logo with the new one within 5-8 months. Meanwhile, the new domain-name will
Date added 22/08/2013
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