New Logo of Tinyos(Tinysine) Electronics

The new logo is meeting you here. From the ideation of the very beginning, to design and selection, the logo has cost our team about three months.


The old logo 'Tinyos'  will be retained for some time. We plan to increasingly replace the old logo with the new one within 5-8 months. Meanwhile, the new domain-name will be used.

If you spend a while to study the pattern of the new logo, you will find it very interesting. You can see it as a flowering lotus, representing engineers like us. In China, there is a proverb describing that lotus 'touches pitch and is not be defiled', indicating our qualities of independence, endeavor, and being outstanding and special.

You can even view it as a peacock, which is showing its tail features and expressing its indescribable charm. In maths, sine means a kind of wave, on which the logo is based. It represents our expectation that our new products can surge in the immense 'IT' world.

In fact, the understanding of the logo varies from person to person, since it is not something concrete. It is our hope that each of our new customers and regulars can like this new logo and 'TinySine'

However, there is one thing that will never be changed, that is, the new logo will consistently encourage us to move on and persist on perfection.

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