SIM900 GSM Shield Firmware Update


Caution: There is a risk of damaging the SIM900 module when updating the firmware. Be careful to process.

All you need:

CP2102  module or FTDI module,Arduino main board, Jumper wire,DC9V power supply

sim900 Customer flash loader, SIM900 Firmware

Hardware connection:

  1. Plug SIM900 GSM shield on Arduino main board, and remove the jumper on JP1,JP2.
  2. Connect CP2102 module TX pin with JP2 PIN2(TX) with jumper wire, RX pin with JP1PIN2(RX) with jumper wire.
  3. CP2102 GND connect with GSM shield GND.
  4. Connect CP2102 module to your computer USB port.and DON'T power the Arduino main board.


Updating firmware:

1. Open Sim900 Customer flash loader.exe

2. Click "Browse", and open .cla firmware file.

3. Select COM port and set Speed: 460800

4. Click "Start" And power the Arduino main board when show message:"Please power up the target". And long press sim900-power button until the state LED "S" lights up. LED "N" start blink.

5. Keep waiting when show message"Flash erasing, Please wait". Will cost about 4 minutes to finish the firmware update.

6. When "Download done", Firmware updating done.

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