How to use PC control your bluetooth relay

We have provided Android/iOS smartphone APP to control our bluetooth relay board. We also have a PC test program can control this relay board via USB port(serial port). Is it possible use PC control this relay wirelessly? The answer is YES!!


Hardware and Software required:



Power up your bluetooth relay board. BluetoothBee module slow blink.


Plug the bluetooth adapter usb module on the PC USB port.


Open "BlueSoleil" program. Select the middle yellow ball->Right click->Search devices. You wil find your relay board in the surrounding bluetooth devices. Here our bluetooth named: "BT Bee-EDR"



Select the "BT Bee-EDR"->Right click->Search Services.


Select the "BT Bee-EDR"->Right click->Connect Bluetooth Serial port->input pair number:1234.  Bluetooth paired. A new COM port created.



Open TOSR.exe. Select the correct COM port. You will be able to control the relay board now!

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