How to Turn On the Aux Input function of Bluetooth Audio Module

Tinysine AudioB plus Bluetooth audio module have a Aux in port. PIn7,8 are Line in channel A, PIn9,10 are Line in channel B, But the module default settings has this port turned off. You can use a CSR progarmmer change the module settings and turn this port on. This article will introduce how to process it.


Hardware and Software required:

Bluetooth configuation file programming:


How to enable the Aux in function of Bluetooth module


Connect the CSR USB-SPI programmer and Tag-Connect line with a AudioB Plus convert board, then connect CSR USB-SPI to your computer by a mini USB cable and windows will auto detect it and install the drivers.


Connect TC2050-IDC-NL’s connector to AudioB plus programming port. You need to locate the single steel alignment pin of the connector into the single hole of the PCB footprint, then press down softly to engage the spring-pin contacts. Make sure the first 6 pins have a good contact with the corresponding pads. Then the blue led and red led will flashes alternately.


We have 2 kinds of AudioB plus module. The basic AudioB plus(based on CSR8635) and APTX AudioB plus(based on CSRA64215).

For basic AudioB plus(CSR8635)

Please open Configuration Tool. Click "Open From Device", wait a moment, the software will detect the chip model. If the identified chip model is CSR8635, you can proceed to the next step, otherwise try again. Change to "Input/Output" Tab, Change the Wired input value to PIO17. At last, Click "Write Device", wait for a while the configuration file will be programmed to the chip, and at the same time below the interface will show the success of programming information.


For APTX AudioB plus(CSRA64215)

If the module chip model is A64215, then open CSRA64xxx Configuration Tool. Choose "CSRA64215 A11" and "USB SPI(180063)" on the top left, then click "Read Device".

"Input/Output->Input PIOs", Change the Analogue input PIO value to PIO17. Finally, click "Write Device", wait for a while the configuration file will be programmed to the chip.


Aptx Bluetooth module can skip this step. Only basic AudioB plus(CSR8635) need change this settings. Make sure the connection is fine, then open PSTool in BlueSuite 2.5.0. Choose "SPI BCCMD", and if the connection is fine, the CSR USB-SPI device will show in “Port”, then click "OK".

Input “user” in "Filter", then choose the option named “User configuration data 4”, the text box on the right will show the current parameters(default numbers after 6085 is “0000 0000”,That means the L/R channel volume level), Change these 2 numbers to “000c 000c” then click “Set” to complete the change.




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