SMT Manufacture Service - PCBA Turnkey

SMT Manufacture Service - PCBA Turnkey
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Maybe you want assembling your boards. We have a SMT production line which can provide the service. You just need to send us your design files, after assembling and testing we will send you a full product.  Price is start from 99USD. And exact price depends on the components number and prices.



Board assembling service have a MOQ requirement. Minimum quantity is 100PCS. First, You need prepare the following things to start your order.

  1. Make PCB.
  2. SMT stencil
  3. Electronics parts: You can evaluate your board cost by referring the parts prices on mouser or digikey. You can purchase all the parts by yourself and send them to us. We can also sourcing electronics parts for you. The cost about 70%-90% mouser or digikey published price. (If you want us provide electronics parts, we will charging 6% handling fees)
  4. Assembling fee:
  • SMD parts                    $0.005/pin      (for example: a SMD 0603 resistor have 2 pins.  a SOP8 chip have 8 pins)
  • Through hole parts    $0.01/pin
  • Assembing service start price is 99USD. If the assembling fees less than $99. We will charging 99USD.

If you want us test the finished boards for you. We can also provide board testing service.


Things you need to offer us:

  • Schmatic & PCB files or Gerber files
  • Testing Documents
  • Prototype or sample (sometimes need)
Please send your design files to email:  We will reply your email within 24 hours!

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