Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Blue

Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Blue
Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Blue Programmable IoT Board - PHPoC Blue
Brand: Sollae Systems
Product Code: G5812ACDBB19CC
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PHPoC Blue (P4S-342) is a wireless LAN programmable board embedded with a PHPoC interpreter. It supports various interfaces to connect with sensors and equipment. For wireless LAN connectivity, USB wireless LAN adapter is provided. Your devices can be controlled and monitored via smart phone. Also, it is designed to be stackable for you to implement additional functions with PHPoC expansion boards.


Processor Core  Cortex-M4 168MHz
Flash  System-512K Bytes, User-512K Bytes
SRAM  192K Bytes
Power Input 1  DC 5V(±0.5V)
Input 2  DC 5V(±0.5V)
 Typical - about 85mA(without USB WLAN adapter)
 Power Down mode - less than 200uA
      Interface      UART  2 x UART Ports (UART0 ~ 1),
 Baudrate: 1,200bps ~ 46,800bps
Network  IEEE802.11b/g Wireless LAN(require Ralink
 RT3070/5370 chipset Wireless LAN Adapter)
USB  USB Host - for WLAN adapter
 USB Device - for PC
Digital I/O  UIO0: pin #0 ~ #21, #30(LED), #31(LED)
Analog Input  ADC_CH0 ~ 5, AREF, 12-bit resolution
  Hardware Timer(HT)    HT0 ~ 3, toggle/pulse/pwm output and capture mode
Internal Battery  3V(rechargeable)
Wireless LAN Security  WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK,
Dimension  66.2mm x 63.8mm x 13mm
Weight  about 26.7g (without USB WLAN adapter)
Temperature Storage/Operating  -20℃ ~ 60℃
Environment  RoHS Compliant



  • PHPoC (PHP on Chip) interpreter embedded
  • Uploading and debugging codes via USB
  • IEEE 802.11b/g (USB Wireless LAN adapter required)
  • 10 x digital input/output port
  • 14 x sharing port (Digital Input/Output, SPI, I2C, UART)
  • 6 x analogue input port
  • HTTP/SSH/Websocket server
  • Web page customization available (accessible with smart devices)


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