TSA1702B Bluetooth + DSP Audio Receiver Board

TSA1702B Bluetooth + DSP Audio Receiver Board
TSA1702B Bluetooth + DSP Audio Receiver Board TSA1702B Bluetooth + DSP Audio Receiver Board TSA1702B Bluetooth + DSP Audio Receiver Board
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TSA1702B is a Bluetooth + DSP board with an AudioB I2S v3 module that supports Apt-X. It can be powered by a microUSB cable or any DC9V-30V power supply. You can pair it with a mobile phone or a computer (etc). Power the board, use your phone or PC (etc) to search for a new Bluetooth device. The module will appear as "TSA1702B". You don't need a PIN, pair it and then you can play music. It just like a TSA1701 + Bluetooth.

The TSA1702B is a complete audio digital signal processing module. The main DSP chip on this module is ADAU1701. The application range from active loudspeaker concepts (digital 3 way 3 unit, 2 way 2 unit crossover, bass enhancement, etc.) and realize the transformation from 2.0 to 2.1. It has four potentiometers and with default program loaded. Customers can adjust the gain, bass, midrange and treble. It also have a debug port for Sigima Studio, user can program this module with our USBi programmer to get more functions which includes equalization, crossover, bass enhancement, multiband dynamics processing, delay compensation, etc.



Pins define:

Port name Pin name Direction Description
External Potentiometers port 3.3V Power Out 3.3V Output
A_ADC1 Analog In Treble control
A_ADC2 Analog In Midrange control
A_ADC3 Analog In

Bass control

A_ADC0 Analog In Gain control
GND -  
Aux in Input GND -  
ADC1 Analog In Right channel
ADC0 Analog In Left Channel
Audio Out1 GND -  
DAC0 Analog Out Left Channel
DAC1 Analog Out Right channel
Audio Out2 GND -  
DAC2 Analog Out Left Channel
DAC3 Analog Out Right channel


Control buttons:

There have 3 buttons on the board which can control the audio volume and play/pause ect... 

Pins define:(Check the board backside silkscreen):

  • S1: Play/pause button
  • S2: long press decrease volume, short click to play the previous song
  • S3: long press increase volume, short click to play the next song

Potentiometers port:

You can connect external POTs (5K~20K) to control the Main volume, treble, middle, Bass. This is our POT kit

  1. ADC0- Main volume.
  2. ADC1- Bass volume.
  3. ADC2- Middle volume.
  4. ADC3- treble volume.

Warning: You need disconnect the soldering pads on the board back side when you connect external potentiometers. Or the ADC port may burned. Potentiometers value: 1Kohm-100Kohm.


DSP programming port:

TSA1702B's DSP detects both Bluetooth signal and Line in signal, but the default program makes Bluetooth has higher prority. If Bluetooth signal detected, TSA1702B will output Bluetooth audio source, otherwise it will output Line in audio source. You can develop DSP program to fulfill your requirement, then load the new DSP program by using USBi JTAG Sigma DSP programmer.



TSA1702B works with stereo amplifier board



  • Size: 9cm x 6cm
  • 28-/56-bit, 50 MIPS Digital Audio Processor
  • Audio out output level: 0.9Vrms
  • Audio input signal range: 2Vrms
  • Input resistance: 20Kohm
  • Fully Programmable with SigmaStudio Graphical tool
  • 5V microUSB or DC9-30V Power input
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • I2S Sampling Rate: 48KHz
  • TWS firmware: aptX, aptX-HD, SBC and AAC
  • Party mode firmware: SBC
  • ADAU DSP integrated
  • TWS or Multi-point connection
  • Up to 100 boards can be linked together.(Party firmware)
  • Effective transmission distance: 80-100m



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