2 x 50W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2400

2 x 50W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2400
2 x 50W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2400 2 x 50W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2400 2 x 50W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2400 2 x 50W Bluetooth 5.0 Multipoint Audio Amplifier Board - TSA2400
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TSA2400 is a 2x50W Stereo Bluetooth 5 multipoint audio amplifier board. It has perfect class-D architecture(Based on TPA3116D2) and each channel has maximum 50W power output. Both of channels are capable of outputting nominal power simultaneously and continuously. This board can be powered by any DC10V-24V power supply. it can be used to drive any 4Ω or 8Ω passive speakers.

The highlight point is BT 5 integrated. You can have many TSA2400 boards paired and work together. TSA2400 can remember the pairing info. You don't need pair them each time you turn the amplifier board on. This makes it possible to build a wireless surround sound system by using the TSA2400.

If you only use one TSA2400. It can works like a common Bluetooth amplifier board. Power the amplifier board. Double click PAIR button to set the board into Pairing mode. Use your phone or PC (etc) to search for a new Bluetooth device. The module will appears as "TSA2400". You don't need a PIN, pair it and then you can play music.

Pairing buttons:

  • PAIR - Double click into pairing mode.
  • TX - Click into transimitter mode.
  • RX - Click into receiver mode.

External Pairing buttons Port:  Connect external buttons to control the PAIR/TX/RX.

Play,Volume control Port: Connect external buttons to control the music Play/Pause, Volume+, Volume-.


One board works like a normal Bluetooth amplifier



Multiple boards work together


How to Use:

Master board:

  1. Power up the TSA2400, Blue LED slow blink.
  2. Double click PAIR button to set the TSA2300 into Pairing mode. Blue LED fast blink. (Voice: Pairing)
  3. Now, Your smartphone will be able to find a new Bluetooth device which name is "TSA2400". Connect it.
  4. You can play the music now. If you only use one amplifier board. You don't need do the following steps.
  5. Click TX button, Set the module to transmitter mode.(Voice: transmitter mode)

Slave board:

  1. Power up another TSA2400. Blue LED slow blink.
  2. Make sure master board already working correct and in transmitter mode. Click RX button to set slave board into receiver mode. It will auto searching the master board. (Voice: receiver mode, searching)
  3. Double click the TX button on the Master board. The master board will auto searching(30s) slave board. Both master and slave board will be connected. (Voice: searching)
  4. The slave board will bave music out now.
  5. If there have new board want join as slave board. Just click RX on new module and Double click on Master module.
  6. If a slave board want quit. Click TX button on that module.


Note: If you don't hear the voice prompt when click TX . Please click the RX to switching the mode and then click TX again.


Specifications typical @ +25℃, Powered by 21V DC, unless otherwise noted. Specifications subject to change without notice.







Supply Voltage (VDC)



21 24

Idle Power

SD Floating




Standby Power

SD Connected to GND




Maximum Current

100W @ 4Ohm





50W @ 4Ohm

87% - 92%

Minimum Load Impedance




Switching Frequency

SD Floating

- 394KHZ -
Gain   24dB 25dB 26dB

Input Sensitivity(RMS)

@4Ω, 50W, 1KHz

- 808mV -

Input Impedance

- - 22KΩ -

Output Power

@4Ω THD+N 1%

- 36W -

@4Ω THD+N 10%

- 50W -

Bandwidth @ ±3dB



- 20KHz


@4Ω, 1W, 1KHz




@4Ω, 10W, 1KHz







  • Size: 95*68*20mm
  • Multipoint connection
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Upto 100 boards can be linked together.
  • Qualcomm cVc audio technology
  • Qualcomm TrueWireless Technology
  • Stereo receive
  • Effective transmission distance: 10-15m
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices that support media audio, including iPhone



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