How to Set the Bluetooth Audio Amplifier to Mono Output

TinySine Aptx Bluetooth amplifier boards default settings are Stereo output. But user can set it to mono output by changing the Bluetooth module settings.
Date added 08/05/2018
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How to Change the Bluetooth Audio Amplifier EQ Settings

There is a built-in equalizer in Tinysine Aptx Bluetooth audio amplifier boards and Aptx receiver boards. This tutorial will teach you how to set it.
Date added 21/03/2018
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New Distributor: Axiomedia (Italy)

Now TinySine has a new distributor in Italy: Axiomedia, an audio equipment retailer located in Milano. They are initially carrying full catalogs of our Audio series products.
Date added 22/01/2018
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How to Change the Bluetooth Amplifier Auto Connect Settings

The Bluetooth audio amplifier/receiver default settings is auto reconnect with the recently paired devices. Sometimes, we don't want it auto reconnect. This tutorial will teach you about how to do it.
Date added 04/11/2017
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How to Restore AudioB Plus Module Default Settings

All of our Bluetooth audio amplifier and Bluetooth audio receiver user can change the Bluetooth settings by themself. Sometime, It will cause problems if you set a wrong parameters. This article will introduce how to restore the Bluetooth default settings
Date added 20/07/2017
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Remote Control a LED with Arduino 3G Shield

Here is a simple sample code of how to control a LED with Arduino 3G shield. User can control the LED ON/OFF by sending a simple SMS. This sample code can receive SMS and analyze the contents of the short message.
Date added 09/07/2017
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How to change BT module audio gains and Hands Free Settings

In some cases, You may want limit the maximum output audio gains. All our amplifier boards have a programming port on it. You can change the BT Audio gains by yourself.
Date added 11/06/2017
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How to update the font for Arduino OSD Shield - MAX7456

The MAX7456 comes with the default font, you may not particularly like the existing font, or the default font can not meet your needs. Now you can design your own font and update to your OSD Shield.
Date added 09/06/2017
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How to Pair and Set the TWS Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board

TWS Bluetooth Audio Receiver Board is a TWS enabled Bluetooth 4.2 audio receiver board. People can also use two of this board to build a wireless stereo speaker system. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to pair two TWS Bluetooth audio receiver board, a
Date added 22/04/2017
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How to upgrade firmware for SIM5320A/E

Tinysine 3G Cellular Shield provides you a way to use the 3G/GSM cell phone network to receive data from a remote location. You may want upgrade the on board SIM5320A/E to latest version. This tutorial will teach you how to do it.
Date added 18/02/2017
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