Happy Chinese New Year!

TinySine, will be closed between 1/25/2017 and 2/3/2017 to observe the Chinese New Year holiday. The last shipping day is 1/24/2017. Our online site is open In the holiday period. We will send all orders out after 2/3/2017.

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Enable Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Pair Number (Password)

Maybe you want add a password to your BT amplifier. We just updated the AudioB plus design and breakout the programming port. Here we will introduce how to enable and set the bluetooth module password.

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3D Printed Enclosure for TOSR0x Relay Boards

Many of our customers want an enclosure to protect their relay board. We are sorry we don't have it. It's very expensive to make a new plastic box mold. But if you have a 3D printer. We can printer an enclosure! Cheap and easy to use.

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